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Hi there and welcome to my little place on the internet! My name is Gert-Jan and I'm a 30 year old Drupal front-end developer from Ghent, Belgium.

I have a passion for all things online, and the internet with a strong emphasis on development / programming. I love tinkering with code and trying out new and exciting technologies! This is also the reason why I studied Devine (Digital Design and Media) at Howest, Kortrijk. This highly interactive course of 3 years has thought me in the ways of both web design and development. During these years I learned how both designers and developers think.

This and the experience I gathered during the last years as a Drupal front-end developer at corecrew makes me the perfect front-end profile for your next project!

On a more personal note, I'm a big fan of boardgames and love spending time with my friends. I try to enjoy life to the fullest, which of course means the occasional glass of wine or pint of beer. 

And if you want to, you can download my CV here.

Professional projects

Stad Gent stijlgids screenshot
Stad Gent Stijlgids Lees meer
Gentse feesten project screenshot
Gentse feesten 2019 Lees meer
Unizo Lees meer
Green 4 Grey
Green 4 Grey Lees meer
VUB Elec - Rebranding
VUB Elec - Rebranding Lees meer
D'ieteren Campus
D'ieteren Campus Lees meer
Sogent Lees meer
Haven van Zeebrugge
Haven van Zeebrugge Lees meer
Tournamentcenter Lees meer
Workout Lees meer
Uitpas Kempen / Turnhout
Uitpas Kempen / Turnhout Lees meer
Objective Lees meer
Focus WTV
Focus WTV Lees meer
SBS - VIER, VIJF & ZES Lees meer
Démos Lees meer

Personal projects Lees meer
CV Design (Davy Roelstraete)
CV Design (Davy Roelstraete) Lees meer
Architectenbureau Lees meer
Old homepage
Old homepage Lees meer
Portfolio Davy Roelstraete
Portfolio Davy Roelstraete Lees meer

School projects (old)

Fictional election campaign
Fictional election campaign Lees meer
Flamenco concept
Flamenco concept Lees meer
Instabook Lees meer
The Ray of Coke
The Ray of Coke Lees meer
Shift The Game
Shift The Game Lees meer
iQuarium Lees meer
Cambridge Collaboration Tool
Cambridge Collaboration Tool Lees meer
King of the Ventoux
King of the Ventoux Lees meer
KBC iPhone App
KBC iPhone App Lees meer
Stage 2013 @ Wijs - Ghent
Stage 2013 @ Wijs - Ghent Lees meer
Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.

My Skills

Javascript / jQuery
Drupal 7 theming
Drupal 8 theming
VIM (editor of choice)
Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Illustrator CC