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Portfolio Davy Roelstraete

Gert-Jan MeirePortfolio Davy Roelstraete

Used technologies
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • JS / jQuery
Portfolio Davy Roelstraete

For me personally this was an interesting project. It was essentially a normal portfolio website, but because it was for a friend who wanted to get into the game industrie it gave me some interesting insights into what is important for him and other people with his type of profile. There where a few things I overlooked for example, but it was a usefull learning experience nonetheless!

It was also very interesting because he knew exactly what he wanted, thus, giving me insight on how other people from other sectors look at how a portfolio website should be, for them personally. This does not mean I agreed with everything though, but it sure was interesting!

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Things I learned

During this assignment I had a good look into what's important in the game industrie. It also give me some more experience into creating a unique portfolio website for somebody that didn't specifically wanted to get into the webdesign / webdevelopment industry.