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Stage 2013 @ Wijs - Ghent

Gert-Jan MeireStage 2013 @ Wijs - Ghent

Used technologies
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • ForkCMS
  • JS / jQuery

During my internship with Wijs I worked on a number of projects and learned a great deal of different things. This is actually more than 1 project as I worked on the Fork CMS system core, I also made a plugin for the Fork CMS system that made it able to do easy AB testing in the CMS and I also worked on a lot of different websites and smaller projects like the new homepage of the firm "Fondsbeton".

Blog post about my Multivariate Testing module made for Fork CMS.

Things I learned

Seeing as this was an internship and it lasted for a good 3 to 4 months I learned a lot, too much actually to write it all down in this little section.

To give you an idea, I learned a lot of things concerning my development environment. I learned to work with new editors like Sublime Text 3, I learned to work with GIT, the Unix command line and through these I fell in love with the VIM text editor on the command line.

I also learned a lot about developing in a Object Oriented PHP framework / CMS by helping out with projects made with Fork CMS and the Symphony PHP framework. 
Furthermore I focused on an AB testing plugin for Fork CMS where next to development in PHP/MySQL I learned how marketeers think about website.

Stage 2013 @ Wijs - Ghent
Stage 2013 @ Wijs - Ghent
Stage 2013 @ Wijs - Ghent
Stage 2013 @ Wijs - Ghent
Stage 2013 @ Wijs - Ghent
Stage 2013 @ Wijs - Ghent

This and a lot more have changed the way I develop and think about web development and have given me a taste for more!