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Gert-Jan MeireiQuarium

Used technologies
  • ActionScript 3
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Objective-C

This was the final assignment for the "Experimental Development" class in my last year of Devine. We could choose a number of different technologies we had seen during the semester and create something experimental with it. The emphasis on development ofcourse!

I chose to combine an iOS app for iPhone (we learned Objective-C) and a interactive Flash app on the desktop seeing as we where then still in the whole AS3 period...

Things I learned

I learned a lot of interesting Objective-C tips and tricks, also got familiar with a few interesting classes, for example a class that loads in the correct images based on the type of iPhone your app runs on.

I also learned to work with a AS3 server that acts as a relay between the iOS app on the iPhone and the AS3 app on the computer. All of this together resulted in an interesting learning curve and learning experience.


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