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Shift The Game

Gert-Jan MeireShift The Game

Used technologies
  • ActionScript 3
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Starling
  • Box2D
Shift The Game

One of my final (and one of the coolest) assignments in my last year of Devine was to make "Shift" The Game. 
For the course "Game Programming" we had to create a game in AS3 or JS and it could be whatever we wanted it to be.

So seeing as we were free to choose the concept, design, art and actually pretty much everything I chose to create a game with AS3, Starling and Box2D. I also chose not to use an engine so I could learn more about the underlying technologies games use. Although I now realize that I should have used an engine, it would have been even cooler than the result I had, but I'm happy with the end result nonetheless!

Things I learned

During this assignment I learned a lot about AS3, the Starling framework and also a bit about Box2D for the physics. 
I used the Starling framework for the convenience of a few predefined things like spritesheet animations and blending modes.

I also learned later on that I should have used a game engine, but I do not really regret this choise seeing as it gave me the opportunity to learn more about the core of game development.