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CV Design (Davy Roelstraete)

Gert-Jan MeireCV Design (Davy Roelstraete)

Used technologies
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6
  • Adobe Illustrator CS6
CV Design (Davy Roelstraete)

This was a pure design project I created together with my good friend Davy Roelstraete It is essentially just a normal CV, but for a game designer. Therefor we decided to make it a little more interesting then just a normal word document with his experience and skills in it.

The concept was to create a sort of like DND (Dungeons and Dragons) - like character spreadsheet. This incorporating his contact information, skills and previous experiences in a more unique kind of way.

CV Design (Davy Roelstraete)

Things I learned

During this assignment I had a good look into what's important in the game industrie. It also give me some more experience into creating a unique CV, what is important for a CV and what not, be it for myself or for a buddy.

CV Design (Davy Roelstraete)

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