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Old homepage

Gert-Jan MeireOld homepage

Used technologies
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • JS / jQuery
  • Wordpress
Old homepage

This was my old portfolio website and blog. It included my blog posts and some of my portfolio work. But since I felt this website was starting to get outdated because I've been using it since highschool I decided to change it to the website you're visiting right now.

This website was also a lot more grungy as I designed it myself a few years ago. I've since changed quite a bit and decided to go with a more clean type of design for my new portfolio website.

Things I learned

This website was a project in Wordpress and thus learned me a few handy things about the Wordpress blog platform.

It also learned me that designing and developing a website for yourself is hard work, because I'm never satisfied with the result. The sky is the limit and this by itself is not easy to make decisions if you work on a personal project.

Old homepage