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Gert-Jan MeireDémos

Used technologies
  • Drupal 7
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JS / jQuery
  • PHP

My first Drupal theming project ever. A plunge into the deep. After just a few weeks of support and testing out the Drupal theming layer I was thrown in to make a responsive Drupal 7 theme for Démos, a knowledge center that wanted an online identity. 

This project contained a bit of everything, ranging from implementing a slideshow into the grid layout of the homepage to getting to know the more advanced parts of the Drupal theming layer - preprocesses and the like.

Furthermore this project also contained a Solr search engine, a Java based search system for which Drupal has modules to utilise the speed of it on the server. Editing the configuration of this Solr integration into Drupal was part of the work I got to do on this site during and after development.

Managing to make this into a successful Drupal theme from scratch in just a few weeks made for a happy client and a beautiful end result. Not too shabby for a first project if you ask me. 

Later followed an integration with the Domain module and some theming of a second theme for a small subsite that the client wanted to add to the existing website. 

This project taught me the basics of Drupal theming as well as a few tricks in the back-end.